Monday, July 11, 2011

Beauty of Natural Design

I'll have to add words and music later

Hair Ball

Nature's 'path  of  least resistance' !

Watch the Spanish Moss move in the breeze

Sunday, July 10, 2011

OK, I give, the price was right. Food.

Those times you pack out the ole GMC for a trip East to the Swamp, there is always the expectation
of days and nights working on images of wildlife and recording the sounds from the unseen.  Yep, I drive six hours from a sunny cool weather pattern to a place to hang my camera, only to be greeted with a drizzle, really gray sky, and humidity that would change the whine of a mosquito to a buzz. The temperature is 30 degrees lower than it was at the corral. Grey washed out skies, and everything  wet doesn't work for a lot of wildlife action shots. The old lens and cameras was slow to a fault. I left the big guns in the jimmy, grabbed the ol' Olympus C-70 and went for a walk. The scene was mostly just shades of gray. Then there was a glimmer of red under some briers....hmmm fungi maxamus.
Zip lock bags have their limits when it comes to keeping moisture out, but in this case it kept the oly' from soakin up too much moisture. There was another trip back to the jimmy for a tarp.  We figured we couldn't  do much with fungus shots from above. At the end of the day, cold and wet, we had some unusual pictures. Did you ever wonder what went on underneath the mushrooms.

Notic the creature crawling up the stem and the ornate seed in the lower left corner that looks like a minature  easter egg

Here is your   'bad moon risin'  over Iatt

One of my favorite places to watch fog.

Had to go back to th Jon-boat cause of alligator size at roundup was longer than my canoe.

Almost too old to eat

A family of Neutra live  inside of this cypress

I think this is a Golden Silk Spider. She was as large as my palm. The web was two part and at least six foot long.

Friendly walking stick.. Rode on the 4-wheeler with me from the by.

This is where the swamp magic is kept

This was 1st rendering that started paying for my passion in th  swamp.

Out at the road