Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Swamp

I started simply to change the name on one of the less used blogs that I clog your screen with.  I vetoed this idea.  Starting a new story in an old book can be tough.

 I will post as much swamp scenery and wildlife as possible. My first trip to a swamp happened somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty years ago.

Even then, there was the magic and awe that the mere mention of a swamp formulated in a child's imagination (mine anyway). Growing up on radio broadcasts of the 1950s had tuned my imagination to a fine point. My place of birth was in north central Texas, a long way from any swamps. My uncles, Martin and Emmet (‘EM’ as per Aunt Iva) however, were living in propinquity to these places  of  witches brew; alligators, dark waters and other nameless dangers that awaited my step in to this  shadowy world.

There are two places in this ole world that hold pieces of my heart. The first is Midway Island (Thank you Marion Ano for the pictures from your last visit to Midway) and the second is this swamp somewhere along highway 71 in Louisiana 

Climb aboard.....